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People have gone to great lengths for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. This year, a user requested Zomato-owned quick delivery app, Blinkit, if it would allow him to be their delivery partner to deliver flowers to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. The company shared a screenshot of the conversation between a customer care executive and the customer. Blinkit stated how they had to turn down a special request, however, didn’t reveal the identity of the customer.

Read the chat between Blinkit and the customer

In the app’s help section, the customer wrote: “I ordered flowers and gifts for my girlfriend from your Valentine’s Day collection. Can you help me with something? My girlfriend’s parents are not letting her step out today. Can I be your delivery partner for this order?”
In a short reply to the special request, the company said: “Sorry, we can’t.”Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa has also shared the chat on his X (earlier Twitter) accountand has reacted to it. Dhindsa reacted with “Facepalm” emoji and wrote: “India is clearly not for beginners.”

How social media users reacted to the post

One of the users wrote: “India wants to know, how this chat was closed.”
Another X user added, “I would have got an order at my place and do the jugaad for the Blinkit uniform and delivered the order myself.”
A few others claimed that the interaction was staged. One of the comments said: “You should consider revising your social media marketing strategy. While the script is good, making slight adjustments to the chat timing could enhance realism. Nonetheless, it’s entertaining.”
Meanwhile, another user said: “Scripted. Bro never seen such a response time on chat support in my life. I am sure your creative guy is a beginner.”


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