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Sony has expanded its microphone portfolio with the launch of its wireless streaming microphone ECM-S1. The company claims that the latest microphone combines high quality sound capture with a lightweight design. With ECM-S1, Sony promises to help video content creators with the ability to achieve superior audio recording across various shooting scenarios.This microphone is also targeted towards professional videographers and video content creators who require high audio quality for shoots, livestreams and podcasts. Here are all the details about the new wireless microphone.

Sony ECM-S1 wireless microphone: Price and availability

Sony’s ECM-S1 is priced at Rs 34,990 and is available across all Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores, Sony authorised dealers, ecommerce websites (Amazon and Flipkart) and major electronic stores across India.

Sony ECM-S1 wireless microphone: Key highlights

The ECM-S1 is equipped with three large-diameter (14mm) capsules that correspond to three sound pickup modes — Uni-directional, Omni-directional and Stereo. This provides high-quality sound pickup with high sensitivity, and wide frequency characteristics. The microphone’s accurate low noise levels and wide dynamic range also allows for clear recording of even the softest sounds.
It also has a noise cut filter that removes harsh noise through digital signal processing, and a low-cut filter that reduces low-frequency noise such as wind, air conditioning, and vibration. This reduces the effects of the surrounding environment.
The ECM-S1 microphone is light, weighing just 157g, and compact at 63.0 mm x 137.5 mm x 63.0 mm(W/H/D) with an ultra-light and compact receiver that weighs 25g at 32 mm x 29 mm x 50 mm (W/H/D). The Bluetooth 5.3 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and LC3plus codec deliver low power consumption, low latency, and high sound quality. Using wireless connection allows for a recording style that remains unaffected by environmental conditions. You can also achieve a new level of sound pickup, enabling talks and singing accompanied by musical instruments to be recorded in high sound quality.
For connectivity, the receiver can be attached to a compatible camera via its MI Shoe. The microphone and receiver are equipped with USB Type-C terminals that support 48 kHz/24-bit digital audio output. The receiver also has a 3.5mm mini jack (stereo) as an audio output terminal.

The microphone is equipped with an independent dial that adjusts the sound recording level. The ECM-S1’s audio input level volume can also be adjusted intuitively with the upper dial while checking the audio input level in real time with the indicator lamps. The built-in LINK lamp indicates the communication status between the microphone and receiver to prevent any missed recording.
When recording via a USB connection, the microphone’s headphone out jack can monitor the audio without involving the connected device. The headphone volume can also be adjusted with a short press of the dial on the bottom of the microphone.
Users can even adjust the audio mixing ratio between the input volume level of the audio from the microphone and that of the audio from the computer or smartphone via the USB connection with the headphone volume/mixing ratio adjustment dial on the microphone.
The ECM-S1 and receiver each have a built-in battery for extended use. The receiver can also be used with the support of direct power supply when connected to the camera’s MI Shoe or a USB Type-C cable. The microphone can be used continuously for up to 13 hours when the battery is fully charged using a USB Type-C cable.
In addition, a pop guard reduces popping noises that occur when the speaker’s mouth is close to the microphone and their breath comes into direct contact with the microphone. This enables vocals, narration, and other audio to be recorded under optimal conditions. A stand that can be attached to the microphone is also included allowing the microphone to stand without support while recording.
The microphone angle can also be adjusted forward or backward. Alternatively, the stand can be removed when not in use and the 1/4-inch thread on the bottom of the microphone allows it to be mounted on a tripod or attached to a commercially available microphone arm.


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