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Facebook and Instagram parent Meta Platforms have announced that organisations that buy the “boost” feature for their posts from the iPhone versions of the company’s social media apps will now have to pay more. The added cost will be incurred to pay an extra 30% service charge to App Store operator Apple.
The Mark Zuckerberg-led social media giant said that advertisers will be able to bypass Apple’s service charges if they boost their content on Instagram and Facebook via a browser.
What are boosted posts and how will it change
Meta offers the boosted posts product to businesses and individuals looking to promote their post or profile on apps like Facebook or Instagram. This advertising tool allows brands to buy and create ads on the company’s platforms without requiring a campaign through Ads Manager.
In 2022, Apple announced the updated App Store guidelines. As part of the change, advertisers boosting posts through iPhones will be billed by Apple and not Meta.
The company explained that those who want to boost posts through its iOS apps will now need to add prepaid funds and pay for them before their boosted posts are published. Meta will charge an extra 30% to cover Apple’s transaction fee for preloading funds in iOS as well.
Meta said it will start implementing the changes this month in the United States. The company also confirmed that other markets will also be subject to this fee later in the year.
In a statement, the company said: “We are required to either comply with Apple’s guidelines, or remove boosted posts from our apps. We do not want to remove the ability to boost posts, as this would hurt small businesses by making the feature less discoverable and potentially deprive them of a valuable way to promote their business.”


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