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The Walt Disney Company, widely known simply as Disney, has grown to be a multinational media and entertainment conglomerate. Founded in 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy Disney, it has businesses spanning from film, television, theme parks to video games, consumer products and more. But back in its early years, it used to hire artists and painters to prepare cartoons. But the company rejected an application seeking a creative post just because she was a woman and the rejection letter is now going viral on social media.
A Reddit user recently shared an image of a letter, claiming that it was from 1938. Dated June 7, 1938, the letter from Walt Disney Studios denied a woman named Mary Ford’s application for their inking and painting department. The letter, addressed directly to Miss Ford, bluntly states that “women do not do any of the creative work” in animation because it’s performed solely by “young men.”
Soon, the letter posted on Reddit grabbed eyeballs with users criticising the words used in the letter.
Read the letter below
Miss Mary V. Ford
Dear Miss Ford:
Your letter of recent date has been received in the Inking and Painting Department for reply.
Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason girls are not considered for the training school.
The only work open to women consists of tracing the characters on clear celluloid sheets with India ink and filling in the tracings on the reverse side with paint according to directions.
In order to apply for a position as “Inker” or “Painter” it is necessary that one appear at the Studio, bringing samples of pen and ink and water color work. It would not be advisable to come to Hollywood with the above specifically in view, as there are really very few openings in comparison with the number of girls who apply.
Yours very truly,
Disclaimer: With AI technology becoming mainstream, it could be possible that the letter is AI-generated. The Times of India tech couldn’t independently verify the veracity of the letter, hence, it is advised that this letter should be taken with a pinch of salt.


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