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When it comes to a healthy and delicious breakfast recipe, Dosa never fails to impress. Prepared with a batter made of fermented rice and urad dal, Dosa or Dosai as it is popularly known as in the South Indian cuisine, is prepared on a non-stick pan with minimal oil/ghee. From Paper Dosa to Paneer Dosa, with the way people have experimented with this dish, there are more than 100 varieties of this dish that we can see in today’s time.

Recently, this dish got a Guinness World Record in its name, as the 123-foot-long Dosa was prepared in Bengaluru by a team of 75 chefs by MTR Foods in partnership with Lormann Kitchen Equipment, as part of its centenary year celebrations in the Bommansandra plant in Karnataka. While earlier, the earlier record set on the Guinness World Record was 16.68 meters (54 ft 8.69 in); this Dosa created recently had a length of 37.5 metres long Dosa.

100 Years,123 Feet Dosa: MTR Celebrates 100 Years with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title for the Longest Dosa

100 Years,123 Feet Dosa: MTR Celebrates 100 Years with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title for the Longest Dosa

Chef Regi Matthew, who acted as the head chef, also uploaded a video on his social media and captioned it as, “M thrilled to announce a historic milestone at MTR! Proudly celebrating the 100th year anniversary with a Guinness World Record title for the longest dosa, measuring an incredible 123.03 feet! This monumental achievement took place at the MTR Factory in Bengaluru on March 15th, 2024.” Chef Matthew also thanked the M S Ramaiah College of Hotel Management, whose students took part in this event and wrote, “Here’s to a century of tradition, flavour, and breaking records!”
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Prepared using their own signature red rice batter, this Dosa is the longest in its history and took months of hard work and careful planning. The people who prepared this Dosa included food experts and culinary school staff, who had as many as 110 failed attempts before attempting this world record. After the record was created, the Dosa was distributed to students of local schools and people of the surrounding area along with MTR employees. This world record was attempted under the guidance of MTR’s Cuisine Center of Excellence.
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