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Bihar Board Result: The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is gearing up for the much-anticipated release of the Class 12th results, expected within this week. Following closely will be the announcement of the Class 10th results. As students eagerly await their outcomes, let’s take a glance back at the academic achievements over the past decade.
Class 12th Results Overview: The Class 12th results of the Bihar Board have consistently showcased exceptional performances by students across streams.In the past ten years, numerous bright minds have secured top positions, demonstrating their dedication and academic prowess.
Science Stream Toppers: In recent years, students like Mohammad Rumman Ashraf, Renu Kumari, and Ramayani Roy have clinched the top positions in the Science stream with outstanding scores. Mohammad Rumman Ashraf secured an impressive 97.8%, leading the pack in 2023. Their achievements reflect not only their hard work but also the quality of education provided by the board.
Commerce Stream Leaders: Similarly, in the Commerce stream, names like Ankit Raj, Anand Raj, and Saniya Kumari have shone brightly. Their exemplary performances, such as Ankit Raj’s remarkable score of 484 marks in 2022, serve as inspiration for future generations of Commerce students.
Arts Stream Standouts: The Arts stream has witnessed remarkable achievements as well, with students like Gyani Anupama, Namrata Kumari, and Prayaga Kumari leaving a mark with their exceptional scores. Gyani Anupama and Namrata Kumari shared the spotlight in 2023 with an impressive score of 97.2%.
Bihar Board Class 12th Toppers (2014-2023)

Science Stream
Commerce Stream
Arts Stream
2023 Ayushi Nandan (451, 94.8%) Somya Sharma (475, 95%) Mohaddesa (475, 95%)
2022 Saurav Kumar & Ankit Kumar (472, 94.4%) Ankit Kumar Gupta (473, 94.6%) Sangam Raj (482, 96.4%)
2021 Sonali Kumari (452, 94.2%) Sugandha Vanis (452, 94.2%) Madhu Bharti & Kailash Kumar (463, 92.6%)
2020 Neha Kumari (Science) Kausar Fatma and Sudhanshu Narayan Chaudhary Sakshy Kumari (not available)
2019 Rohini Prakash & Pawan Kumar (474, 94.6%) Satyam Kumar (472, 94.4%) Rohini Rani & Manish Kumar (463, 92.6%)
2018 Kalpana Kumari (434, 86.8%) Nidhi Sinha (not available) Kusum Kumari (not available)
2017 Khushboo Kumari (431, 86.2%) Priyanshu (408, 94.8%) Ganesh (413, 82.6%)
2016 Not Available Not Available Not Available
2015 Not Available Not Available Not Available
2014 Ravish Kumar Avinash Kumar Not Available

Class 10th Results Overview: Moving on to the Class 10th results, students have consistently showcased commendable performances over the years. With the anticipation of the upcoming results, let’s reflect on the achievements of the past decade.
Top Performers: From Himanshu Raj’s remarkable score of 481 in 2020 to Savan Raj Bharti’s outstanding performance in 2019 with 486 marks, students have consistently excelled in the Class 10th examinations. The journey of these students reflects their dedication, hard work, and the support provided by their teachers and families.
Here’s a list of Bihar Board Class 10th (Matric) exam toppers for the past 10 years:

First Rank
Second Rank
Third Rank
2023 Mohammad Rumman Ashraf (489, 97.8%) Namrata Kumari (486, 97.2%) Gyani Anupama (486, 97.2%)
2022 Ramayani Roy (487, 97.4%) Saniya Kumari, Vivek Kumar Thankur (486, 97.2%) Prayaga Kumari (485, 97%)
2021 Pooja Kumari (484, 96.8%) Shubhdarshni (484, 96.8%) Sandeep Kumar (484, 96.8%)
2020 Himanshu Raj (481, 96.2%) Durgesh Kumar (480, 96%) Subham Kumar (478, 95.6%)
2019 Savan Raj Bharti (486, 97.2%) Rounit Raj (483, 96.6%) Priyanshu Raj (481, 96.2%)
2018 Prerna Raj (457, 91.4%) Pragya and Shikha Kumari (452, 90.4%) Anupriya Kumari (452, 90.4%)
2017 Prem Kumar (465, 93%) Bhavya Kumari (464, 92.8%) Harshita Kumari (463, 92.6%)
2016 Not Available Not Available Not Available
2015 Not Available Not Available Not Available
2014 Not Available Not Available Not Available

Disclaimer: The information provided in the table above is based on available sources and is intended for reference purposes only. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee the completeness or correctness of the data presented. Readers are advised to cross-check the information with the official website of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) for authenticity and accuracy. Any reliance placed on the information provided here is at the reader’s own discretion and risk.


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