Motichoor Ladoo Machine Preparation: Want to make Motichoor Laddoos quickly? Here’s a machine that can do it |


Be it a celebration or a happy news, the joy and excitement is not fun unless the boxes of sweets arrive at home. In addition to Peda and Barfi, if there is one sweet dish that we love is to consume – Boondi Laddoo! Traditionally seen in yellow or orange in colour, Boondi Laddoo is often enjoyed during festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi and melts in the mouth.This dish is often handmade in homes and by the Halwais; however, have you seen how the delicious Boondi Laddoos being made by an automatic machine?
Recently, a huge video of Boondi Laddoo being made by an automatic machine has been shared on the social media Instagram, which is going viral and has more than 36k likes, and many people have commented on it. This video was shared by food blogger Abhishek Ashra (@thefoodiehat) that was shot in Amritsar, and it has been captioned as ‘Most Hygiene Sweet Shop of India’.
In the video, one can see two large containers loaded with ghee that are initially opened and poured into a kadhai, in which Boondi is prepared, which is then mixed in a coloured sweet syrup and cooked for 1-2 minutes. Next, a person pours the Boondi mixture into a medium sized steel machine to give a uniform round shape to the Boondi Laddoos. Along with that, we see a belt with a ladle pattern at the front of the machine. In that belt, we see medium-sized, beautiful orange Laddoos formed. Gradually, the mould belt moves forward, and the finished Laddoos are picked up by hand by the workers and collected in another clean tray.
Next, a worker puts some dry fruits on the collected and unbroken Laddoos. Finally, the prepared Boondi Ladoos are filled in a row of boxes that are seen in sweet shops and have a golden colour inside. The Motichoor or Boondi Laddoos that you get in the shop are prepared by an automatic machine.
While some have praised the video and some have posted funny comments like “Tuntun aunty wants your address” referring to the Chhota Bheem cartoon. While the fourth responded that Chhota Bheem would say, “My lord, this machine should be installed in our Dholakpur”.


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