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NEW DELHI: The National Council of Education Research (NCERT) is preparing to release the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Syllabus for Classes 3 and 6 in accordance with the recently announced National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCF-SE) 2023. According to reports, the new curriculum will be in effect from the upcoming academic year 2024-25.
In a letter outlining the plan to implement the changes, the NCERT notified the CBSE about the revision of curriculum.
The notice stated that the updated syllabi will require changes to school timetables, highlighting the need to inform school heads, teachers, and parents about the recommended time allocations for Grades 3 and 6. “It is important for CBSE, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), and NVS to work together closely to implement these changes effectively” the notice read. NCERT, CBSE, KVS, and NVS, supported by the Department of School Education and Literacy, are collaborating to achieve the goals set out in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. New textbooks that match the revised syllabi will soon be provided to schools affiliated with CBSE. The notice reads, “We request that CBSE proactively communicate this development to their school heads, teachers, and parents. We advise the formulation of a strategy to engage students of Grades 3 and 6 in playful and activity-based learning at the start of the new academic year, ensuring a holistic environment that encompasses arts, physical education, and well-being, skill education, and fresh insights into language, mathematics, science, environmental education, and social sciences.”
The notice states, “In addition, NCERT will provide the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) with a syllabus bridge programme for Grade 6 and brief guidelines for Grade 3. This initiative aims to help students make a smooth transition to new pedagogical perspectives and areas of study, particularly Arts, Physical Education, Vocational Education, and The World Around Us (for Grade 3), for which activity books/textbooks are being developed with new perspectives aligned with NCF-SE 2023.”
The Grade 3 syllabi have been updated to reflect current educational perspectives, and they cover a variety of topics such as Arts, Physical Education, Vocational Education, and The World Around Us. To help students transition smoothly to the new curriculum, NCERT will provide a bridge programme for Grade 6 and clear guidelines for Grade 3.
The initiative is intended to expose students to new teaching methods and subjects. Activity books and textbooks are being created to accompany these changes. Schools are encouraged to distribute this information to all stakeholders, including school leaders, departments, teachers, and parents. This proactive approach aims to help students adapt to the updated curriculum while also raising awareness among parents and the wider community.
Read the NCERT letter to CBSE below-


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