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DeFiLlama solves internal dispute over platform fork, token launch

  • DeFiLlama resolved its internal conflict surrounding the launch of the LLAMA token and the platform’s fork.
  • The team clarified that the platform will continue to operate as usual and there is no token planned.

DeFiLlama seems to have resolved the internal conflict over token launch and a platform fork that was threatened by a “rogue” team member on 19 March.

The dispute revolved around a hostile takeover of the on-chain analytics platform, which was revealed by one of the platform’s core contributors. 

No LLAMA token planned as of now
According to tweets from DeFiLlama, the events surrounding the threat and the token launch have been attributed to poor communication. DeFiLlama apologized for the chaotic events and added that there was no LLAMA token in the pipeline.

Furthermore, the tweet stated that any AirDrop in the future will be discussed with the community before finalization. 

DeFiLlama tweeted:

“We would like to put what happened behind us. We will take steps to operate in a more transparent manner to ensure this doesn’t happen again. All arms of @LlamaCorpOrg will continue to cooperate with each other in developing open and transparent solutions for the decentralized world we love so much.” 

Additionally, explanation from the analytics firm did well to reassure its users and clients, who were taken by surprise.

News of the takeover came when DeFiLlama’s core contributor, who goes by the name 0xngmi on Twitter, revealed that there was an ongoing attempt to launch a native token by a person that controlled the platform’s Twitter handle and domain. 

Basically, the token was being launched without the agreement of the DeFiLlama team.

Tendeeno, a contributor to Llama Corp, revealed that the rogue person, 0xLLam4, was actually the founder of the platform. The founder was apparently eager to launch the token in order to start creating revenue. 

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