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MetaMask warns users about false rumors regarding AirDrop

  • MetaMask has warned its users about false rumors regarding a token AirDrop on 31 March.
  • The rumors likely began after ConsenSys CEO stated in an interview that his team would launch a token.

Popular Web3 wallet providor MetaMask has issued a warning for its users regarding rumors of an imminent AirDrop that has been circulating for some days now. Reports of the AirDrop have been making rounds on social media, with several Twitter users falling for the scam. 

Crypto influencers published guides to participate in the AirDrop
Bad actors were most likely motivated to spread rumors about an AirDrop after ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin appeared in an interview at ETHDenver earlier this month. MetaMask is a product of ConsenSys. During the interview, Lubin, who also is a co-founder of


[ETH], revealed that his team was looking to launch a token in line with the firm’s push towards decentralization. 

Several Twitter handles pretending to be the Official MetaMask account have been posting links for people to participate in the “MASK” token AirDrop. Most of these fake accounts were luring people in for an AirDrop on 31 March.

However, MetaMask took to Twitter to confirm that all rumors about airdrops and snapshots were false, in a tweet that read:

“These rumors are not only false, but they are dangerous. They create opportunities for scammers and phishers. Please be on the lookout for fake sites in the coming days.”

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