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An energizing morning yoga flow can energize you set you up for a happier, more productive day. But with a nearly endless array of  yoga videos to choose from, picking one before you’ve even had a cup of or coffee can make you want to pull the covers back over your head. To the rescue: 5 flows to help your ease into your day with an empowering, focused start: 


Morning Yoga for Joy

This beginner-friendly joy-focused flow by This Curvy Yogi will perk up your body and mind. That’s because it offers back stretches, hip openers, and side body movements—plus the empowering release of Lion’s Breath



Wake up With Adriene

This 25-minute vinyasa morning yoga session from Yoga With Adriene offers challenges via hip and hamstring openers and some satisfying twists. There are no vinyasa flows in this sequence, but plenty of foundational work, so you’ll end your practice feeling refreshed. 



Amp Up Your Energy With Sun Salutations

This beginner-to-intermediate-friendly 20-minute morning yoga session from Own Your Glow Yoga is hosted by sisters Ngudju & Mwanini Makangira. It has the bonus of chirping birds, invigorating Sun Salutations variations, and core work. 



Reboot Your Body and Mind in Minutes

Try this 17-minute Spring Refresh sequence taught by YJ contributor Juanita Borges, (aka The Caramel Yogi). This morning flow will help you to welcome in the growth and renewal of the season. 



Feel Uplifted and Connect to Your Body’s Intelligence

Tap into your body’s inner wisdom with this 20-minute morning yoga session by Yoga Journal contributor Jordan Smiley. The founder of the In Body Meant Project, shares a playful sequence to help you get better acquainted with your body’s innate wisdom.



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