As Kerala’s medical community is fighting hate with a dance challenge, now, even the vaccines have joined the bandwagon as they groove to the song from the challenge. The animated video is now going viral and is getting a lot of attention online.

The 18-second video shows two vials of Covaxin and Covishield —  shaking their crystal glass limbs together to the popular Rasputin song. In the viral clip created by Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM), the two Covid-19 vaccines in India recreate the hook step, similar to the dance moves popularised in the ongoing Rasputin dance challenge.

With the message, “Crush the curve” and to promote vaccination drive, the health ministry used popular trend to spread the awareness. “Get vaccinated from the nearest vaccination centre,” message read in the video. Health Minister K K Shailaja has also shared the video on her social media pages.

Watch the video here:

The video comes at a time when a viral video by two medical students in Kerala suddenly took a a communal turn and received hate as the two students belonged to different religious communities. As more and more medical students have joined them in solidarity, the animation video shared by the state’s health department as well as Kerala Police got a nod from people online.

“Crush communalism while you #CrushTheCurve,” rejoiced one person on Twitter, while another added, “Spread love not hate, also get vaccinated”. Another on Facebook wrote: “Creativity at its best, great to see officials supporting students’ movement”. It got praise from even those not aware of the dance challenge.

#KeralaPolice went the Rasputin way to spread its message on Vaccination! Awesome!! Crush The Curve & Crush the Hate Curve too that’s rising!! #StepAgainstHatred #Rasputindance

— 💙🇺🇸Sree🇮🇳❤️ (@sreenshri) April 12, 2021

Janaki Omkumar and Naveen Razak — students at Thrissur Medical College — broke the internet as they spread cheer with their dance moves grooving to Boney M’s 1978 hit Euro-disco track ‘Rasputin’. Now, after it was tainted with remarks of “love jihad”, student unions have responded by organising similar dance competitions.

And not just the health department and the police force, even Milma, Kerala’s biggest milk cooperative, featured the dancing medicos in a recent Facebook post titled “When you set Hearts on Fire”.

A huge controversy started recently, when a lawyer Krishna Raj wrote there was something fishy and it would be good if Janaki’s parents are careful, warning them about love jihad. Since then, their popularity rose and are fast becoming mascots for communal harmony in the state.

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