Lakshay Pandey cracked the UPSC civil services exam 2018 with an all-India rank of 316. He is currently posted as an Assistant Commissioner of Police in Delhi. Based on his personal experiences and learning, Pandey shared his exam strategy on his social media handle for aspiring UPSC candidates. He believes “self-study is better than any coaching”. In his tweets, he has shared a list of suggested study materials and “key tips” to help the UPSC CSE aspirants to achieve their goals.

In his uploaded photos of notebook pages, he has written: “How to start preparation for UPSC Civil Service?” which he explains in step-by-step methods that would help any aspirant to understand and follow it easily.

— First, ‘purchase the books’, which includes, NCERT Class 11 Indian and World Geography, Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong, Polity by Laxminathan, for Modern History- Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir, notes of Shankar IAS for the environment, Economics notes by Sri Ram IAS, in Science and Technology- NCERT summery by Ambalika Smiti.

Other than these, he has repeatedly mentioned following current affairs on every topic, especially on international relations.

— The second step that he has advised is to follow a thorough timetable every day, which includes newspaper reading of not more than 1 hour, study for 4 to 5 hours, sleep for 7 to 8 hours along with physical activities, family and friends time for refreshment.

— Finally, he has suggested starting with the subject ‘Polity’ which needs to be read for the first 15 days and the next three months, thoroughly, emphasising on the ‘economic’ part, followed by Modern History and geography and then environment and science. According to Lakshay, regular revision is a must, along with solving multiple test papers and test series.

What not to do?

IPS Lakshay Pandey has not only shared what to do but also added “What not to do” for the benefit of the students. He mentions reading NCERT books from class 6, joining coaching, spending more than one hour on reading newspapers, reading multiple books, and the current affairs magazine of a particular edition are unnecessary.

In his tweet, he states, “Self-study is better than any coaching. This is based on my experience. The trick is to read minimum books multiple times.”

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