Mr Seymour said he was very disappointed Lamb House’s roof had not been repaired and the property “had been allowed to further deteriorate”.

It is now owned by [original owner] John Lamb’s descendent, Ms Joy Lamb, but is being sold to preserve the heritage-listed property, now falling into disrepair.

Mr Wilson said he wanted to acquire the property to protect the house’s heritage to Brisbane and to the Lamb family.

“My primary interest in saving the place and respecting its heritage … and the long-standing family connection,” he said.

“So I would like to see something that pleases Joy Lamb and the whole Lamb family.”

Mr Wilson said the property, originally named Home, and the grounds at Kangaroo Point should both be restored.

“Consistent with my ambition that the house and its history be preserved and maintained, I think it is very important that the entire block – the curtilage – and the splendid trees be respected,” he said.

The view from the front verandah of Lamb House at Kangaroo Point, on the cliffs opposite the city.Credit:Tony Moore

Mr Wilson said he believed it “was in the best interests of Brisbane” that the house be preserved as it was built, as a family home.”

“I would hate to see any thing that allowed subdivision, or buildings upon the several blocks that make up the site,” he said.

In March, Broncos chairman Karl Morris paid more than $18 million for the contemporary building at Kangaroo House in front of Lamb House at 1 Leopard Street.


Mr Seymour estimated it could cost $12 million to “restore the house, the grounds, the driveway, the tennis court, a pool and something to hide that property in front”.

“However, once you completed all that, it would be a wonderful example of the luxurious residences that were built in that era.”

The Queensland Heritage Act prevents the “destruction, damage, defacing, excavating or exposure” of a property listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.

Brisbane City Council put a temporary bylaw in place preventing intensive development on the eight blocks of land at 9 Leopard Street, Kangaroo Point where Lamb House stands.

Red timber staircase inside the heritage-listed Lamb House at Kangaroo Point.

Red timber staircase inside the heritage-listed Lamb House at Kangaroo Point.Credit:Savills.

Lord mayor Adrian Schrinner said council would next week replace the temporary measures against dividing Lamb House’s eight blocks, with permanent protection.

“The temporary protection order prevents anything else happening there, other than restoration of Lamb House,” Cr Shrinner said.

“What we are doing now is moving from a temporary protection to a permanent protection,” he said.

“So next week in council that motion will come to council for debate and the temporary protection will become permanent.”


Lamb House was built in 1902 and added to the Queensland Heritage Register on October 21, 1992.

It was listed for sale by commercial real estate consultants, Savill, last Saturday.

Offers to acquire Lamb House close at 2pm, Thursday 27th May.

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