Police are continuing to negotiate with a man at the centre of a siege on Brisbane’s bayside, with fears he has doused the home in petrol and threatened to set it alight.

An emergency situation has been declared as police continue to negotiate with a man at the centre of a siege in the Redlands area.

The Courier-Mail understands the man has doused his house in petrol and was previously making threats to set it alight.

Police continue to negotiate with the man, who is home alone, and have invoked a Public Safety and Preservation Act declaration due to the ongoing incident at Finucane Rd in Capalaba, near Abelia St.

The situation has been unfolding since about 9.30am.

Members of the public are advised to avoid the area and urged to follow the advice of emergency services on the ground, say police.

“The exclusion zone encompasses Ingham St, north along Abelia St to Remita Court and across Valentine Park to Willard Rd,” a statement said.

At least 10 police cars and emergency service vehicles lined the street outside the residence at 2.30pm.

Specialist police are responding, with highly trained, armed police from the PSRT (Public Safety Response Team) arriving on scene by 1pm.

The officers were heavily armoured in bulletproof vests and helmets and were armed with guns, following reports of an ongoing mental health incident.

Police say the man is the only person at the property. It’s understood he is inside a private home and unarmed.

Police negotiators had arrived earlier in the morning.

In a statement, police confirmed traffic has been redirected as the public are asked to stay clear of the area if possible.

“Police are currently responding to an incident on Finucane Road near Abelia Street. Traffic is being diverted and members of the public are asked to avoid the area,” the statement said.

There is no immediate risk to the community.

Two fire fighting crews remain on standby at the scene.

One resident who lived 150 metres from the property said she had never seen so many emergency services.

“There were helicopters and two to three fire trucks there this morning,” she said.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The woman said she had gone to the dentist just 3km away but it had taken her more than one hour to get home with the traffic diversions on Windamere Rd.

“It was just bumper to bumper,” she said.

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