Children who suffer from gender dysphoria are going into gender clinics with “pre-conceived” ideas as to what sort of treatment they should seek out, according to Liberal Senator Claire Chandler.

“I have heard from parents, from doctors, from medical professionals, from de-transitioners all over Australia and all over the world about how children are being treated for gender dysphoria when they go to gender clinics,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“These children are receiving life-altering treatments whether that’s puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to affirm their gender identity – without necessarily having an adequate understanding of what alternative treatments might be available to them.

“This is an incredibly important study that we’re seeing come out from Australian medical professionals at the moment who are at the coalface who are at these gender clinics.

“And they reference a number of the issues that they keep seeing occurring with these children – that they’re coming to these clinics with very pre-conceived ideas about what sort of treatment they ought to seek out.”

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