Yes it is, and let me just give you five headlines of that.

First on the economy, short termism has bedevilled our economy for years and years. We’ve got low wages, low standards, low investment, low skills, low productivity. That has got to be changed to a long-term model, and there are plenty of leading people in the business sector who completely agree that we have to transform and change our economy.

The second head is public services. We have got to move to a model of preventative public services, cross-cutting public services. I feel very strongly about this; you will not deal with criminal justice if you don’t deal with education, mental health, schools etc and housing at the same time.

We need, thirdly, a much stronger skills and education agenda so that there’s a world-class education for every child wherever they live, wherever they are from, and skills that equip them for life.

We need, fourthly, to make sure that decisions are much closer to people, to really have the courage to devolve.

And, fifthly, we need to change the culture. Over the last 10 years, in America, across the world and here in the UK, we have spent far too much time identifying what divides us, what the differences are, setting people against each other, rather than valuing what actually brings us together.

And empathy, that old Labour party value that we’ve seen so brightly in the pandemic, we need to capture and make central as we go forward.

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