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Grief Can Strike Even Earlier than a Beloved One Is Gone

A new study looks at "pre-loss grief" for people whose family members had advanced cancer or dementia. Source link

Weight problems Raises Odds for Breast Most cancers's Return

A new study found that breast cancer survivors who are overweight have a statistically significant increased risk of developing a second primary cancer –...

Dow, S&P 500 Once more Finish At Data As Wall Road Rally Continues

Wall Street saw no reason to stop rallying as the US economy pulls out of its downturn, lifting the Dow and S&P 500...

Scientists Create Monkey-Human Embryos

The human/monkey chimeras -- organisms that contain cells from two or more species -- survived for up to 20 days in petri dishes, a...

Myanmar Crackdown Loss of life Toll Passes 500

The death toll in the Myanmar military's crackdown on protesters has passed 500, as armed rebel groups on Tuesday threatened the junta with...

Senate Confirms First Overtly Transgender U.S. Official

The vote Wednesday was 52-48 and the result was mostly along party lines. Only two Republicans -- Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan...
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