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What to Do on Your ‘Relaxation’ Days So They Do not Really feel Like a Waste

Photo: lkoimages (Shutterstock)Workout programs are typically organized by the week. You might lift weights on a three-day program, or a five-day program, for example,...

A Newbie’s Information to Gymnasium Terminology

Photo: Syda Productions (Shutterstock)Every hobby has its lingo, and lifting is no exception. We’ve collected a list of the lifting-related words that most often...

Sorry, Cardio Would not Depend as Leg Day

Photo: lzf (Shutterstock)Cardio is important for our health in many ways, and we should all aim for at least the minimum requirement of 75...

Bodybuilding After 50: What to Know

If you’re thinking about bodybuilding, now may be a perfect time. ...
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