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Find out how to Speak to Your Associate About Opening the Relationship

Ever thought about sleeping with someone who isn’t your partner? Ever acted on it? You already know you’re not alone: Nearly half of marriages...

Learn how to Ask Your Associate to Watch Porn With You

Illustration: LuckyN (Shutterstock)Pornography has a troubled history in the United States. From the “Golden Age of Porn,” when it was a marginally accepted sub-genre...

How you can Safely Discover Your Violent Sexual Fantasies

For a large portion of the population (including 62% of women), power exchange role play makes an appearance in our sexual fantasies. These power...

Intercourse Dependancy Is Not a Factor

Photo: Motortion Films (Shutterstock)The man who killed eight people, six of them Asian-American women, at spas in Atlanta told police he had a “sexual...
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