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Income tax in the United States

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How You Can Deduct Masks as a Medical Expense on Your Taxes

Photo: Canarsie High School (Shutterstock)The IRS recently clarified that personal protective equipment like face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes can now be deducted...

Which States Have Prolonged Their Tax Deadlines?

Photo: WAYHOME studio (Shutterstock)Earlier this week the IRS announced that the deadline for filing tax returns has been pushed to May 17. In response,...

Why Large Tax Refunds Aren’t As Nice as They Appear

Photo: 24K-Production (Shutterstock)While it feels nice to get a big tax refund every year, there’s a danger of thinking of it as a bonus...

Easy methods to Declare Your $10,200 Unemployment Tax Break

Photo: LezeL (Shutterstock)A provision in the American Rescue Plan waives owed taxes for up to $10,200 of your unemployment insurance, but it’s creating a...
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